Seed Story

Charlotte Hicks Seed

In 2017 I had the pleasure of working with the Publishers Editions at Play, Visual Editions and the team at Google Creative Lab in Sydney to create the online digital story, Seed.  Written by award-winning British author Joanna Walsh. Seed is a digital story that grows and decays, it has a claustrophobic landscape where swirling constellations of plants that you click on will take you on different paths through the book so you will experience your own unique reading of the book. Narrated by a teenage girl in the late 1980's, Seed is illustrative both visually and narratively where you delve into a lush and...

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Charlotte Hicks Hello

Hello, I'm Charlotte!  If you would like to see work that I have done, what I am working on and photos of what inspires me you are in the right place!  Heres a little bit about me... I'm 25, I work for my families business Goldcliff Garden Centre in East Sussex, so I am literally surrounded by plants all day every day! I have 22 house plants and 16 plant pots outside. I have a cute little pupper, Eddie the Patterjack! You can find so many different and beautiful plants in English gardens and here are a few photos of some...

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